Fortune Data center opens a new data center facility at Hillsboro. This data center is totally unlike the others, with about 1900 batteries in a room. Rooms fitted with massive doors and security check points lead to highly sophisticated cooling systems.

This data center previously home to the Etec Semiconductor System, is spread over a land of 240,000 sq ft.

According to the CEO of Fortune Data Center, the company had reviewed locations in and around Texas, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and throughout Oregon to set up the data center. But amongst all Hillsboro emerged as the best choice.

Data centers are cropping up across the state, CEO Sheputis said, because of its great climate and “welcoming tax posture to making investment.” Another perk is the presence of high-speed data cables which cross the Pacific Ocean bound for Hillsboro. Sheputis said those cables, which he estimated cost in the billions of dollars, practically mandate companies like his “site near them.”

“I think this area is destined to win more than its share,” Sheputis said of the data center market.

This data center which is on a 15 acre area is also an enterprise zone. It has been exempted from purchase taxes for 3 to 5 years. The company has spent millions of dollars on the purchase of equipments and their integration. It also mentioned that it would employ 20 to 40 people.

High-profile companies like Facebook, Adobe, Amazon and Yahoo are building data centers in the state; Sheputis said his San Jose-based company is different. “We are a data center that serves other end users; we didn’t build this for our own consumption.”

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