New York data centers were left battered by hurricane Sandy which disrupted the basic services to a large extent. Con Edison had disconnected the utility power supply to all most all the data centers in New York. These data centers managed to continue operating with the help of generator backed power supply; however this did not last for a long time. Con Edison Power supply Board has now restored the basic utility power supply and this has brought in a sense of stability to the data center hubs. Key data center buildings like the 60 Hudson

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Street; 111, 8th avenue; 121 Varick, and 325 Hudson Street were back on utility power. Some data centers like the 75 Broad Street continued operating on generator power, while its tenants Internap, Peer 1, and Zayo were up and running. Datagram, another data center hit by hurricane Sandy is back online after finding replacements for the generators. This would mean that Gawker Media which had shifted its servers to the free blog host Tumblr will now operate on its own permanent servers. “Hey, Old Pre-Superstorm Sandy Gawker is Back, You Guys,” Gawker informed readers. “But we’re still working on transferring over some of the posts you may have missed since floodwaters came and swallowed us and relegated us to Tumblr which most people who hated the new redesign enjoyed anyway.” In Brooklyn. utility power has been restored to 882, 3rd Avenue, but Fibermedia reports that it continues to operate on generators until the

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