Ever since DataCenterTalk (DCT) was launched, Information Technology being constantly passing through its most vital ages, the DCT’s versatility and adaptation to new tech topics, products and services have given viewers and business experts the comfort and trust. In looking back at our milestones with you, DCT has achieved and accomplished,



DCT to implement new membership fees. All existing members will keep their free membership as a complement of being early birds.


DCT became the most comprehensive forum and the data center news site on the Web.
Kaeman Varapragasam started the DCT Awards program.


DCT formed a niche process to excite our viewers with enterprise product reviews
DCT gathered service providers together to help business leaders transform their IT infrastructure needs.


DCT affiliates with leading data center service providers to add value to the Service Directory.


Kaeman Varapragasam have tuned the DCT audiences with newly added services and reached out to the diverse community of data center professional all around the globe.


DCT Exclusive IT journalists and technologists provides unique blend of early information exclusive to DCT Authors and Editors.
New Partner, Kaeman Varapragasam joined DCT in partnership with Ananathan Kathiramalai.
DCT included executives and CIOs corner in the news group.
DCT Strengthened the company private policy and the Terms and Conditions.


DCT’s social media marketing to go global project started.


Ananthan Kathiramalai, he who hired Kenneth Burner as the President of the Company.


DCT introduced whitepaper page for members to take advantage of the services.


DCT Opened its advertising banner choices to companies ranging form big scale to startup, experts and entrepreneurs.


Ananthan Kathiramalai, formed a team of a kind, with top niche Authors to enhance the quality of news and forum on the website.


Like the Name, Data Center Talk, DCT is the first talking room forum for all data center community.
Ananthan Kathiramalai have launched the official site on December 1st, 2005