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PTS Data Center Solutions’ Facility Solutions Group (FSG) specializes in data center facility planning, design and engineering, construction management, commissioning, monitoring, and maintenance management services to help you properly plan, execute, and operate data center projects of all sizes and scopes. PTS FSG has extensive experience addressing a broad range of data center projects—from new construction to consolidation and expansion.

Data Centre Design Inc. employees have been involved in Data Centre design, construction, operation, monitoring and documentation for 31 years. We work with you using Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and analysis templates designed from industry experience to design and build your Data Centre correctly the first time.

Cirba has reimagined infrastructure control for the software-defined era.

We’re enabling the world’s most successful organizations scientifically to balance infrastructure supply and application demand—creating a demand-driven approach to infrastructure management that maximizes efficiency and cost savings while reducing risk.

If your company is in need of a new data processing facility, server room, or is considering expanding or relocating an existing infrastructure, DCES offers a total solution with a single point of responsibility and accountability. We want to be your Data Center Support Team.

For more than 25 years, we have bridged the gap between IT and Facilities departments. With a thorough understanding of the objectives and goals for each department, we are capable of determining solutions to meet the needs of each while respecting corporate objectives. This is complimented with open communication and proper project management throughout the project.

If your company is in need of a new data processing facility, server room, or is considering expanding or relocating an existing infrastructure, DCES offers a total solution with a single point of responsibility and accountability. We want to be your Data Center Support Team.

The ANSI/TIA-942 is a quality standard for data centers. The standard specifies requirements for data centers including single tenant enterprise data centers and multi-tenant Internet hosting data centers. The topology presented in the standard is applicable to any size data center and covers all physical infrastructure including, but not limited to, site location, architectural, electrical, mechanical, fire safety, telecommunication, security and other requirements.

Data centers can be reviewed and certified for conformity to the requirements of the ANSI/TIA-942 standard.

Data centres are critical for businesses today.  The ability of the data centre to operate at peak performance and at the highest possible efficiency levels without service interruption is crucial for business continuity. EPI’s data centre conformance audit and certification service analyses and inspects all key elements of your data centre to ascertain compliance to various industry standards including ANSI/TIA-942, SS507, etc so as to ensure your business gets the highest availability and uptime with a sustainable operation model.

AFCOM ( advances data center professionals by delivering comprehensive and vendor-neutral education and peer-to-peer networking to its members around the globe. Through forward-looking research by Data Center Institute, publications including Data Center Management Magazine, local chapters, regional symposiums, and major events like Data Center World, AFCOM supports thousands of data center professionals in their career advancement.

Data center real estate selection is a complicated process that DCR unravels, simplifies and presents back to its clients. DCR performs this task by considering the utilities present, the risks and benefits of the geography, the business-friendliness of the community, and the local workforce. By sticking to this tried and tested formula, DCR has been able to deliver excellent service to all of its clients data center real estate selection needs.

When your business relies on electronic data, you need a reliable power back up. Faith Technologies’ Mission Critical Group knows the ins and outs of information systems and combines that knowledge with our traditional electrical services. Whether your data center is Tier 1, Tier 4 or anything in between, you can count on us for low-voltage/structured cabling in addition to a redundancy backup system to help guard against future outages. Since data is so valuable, we also offer fire protection, access control, and video surveillance.


Whether you’re building a new data centre from scratch or retrofitting an existing facility we can lead or assist you through the entire process: from initial discovery, engineering, implementation, commissioning on on-going support.

Along with our partners we deliver turnkey solutions

Design, build and manage practical and cost-effective solutions.

Our Solution Architect team provides in-depth consulting services ranging from insight into current industry trends and technologies to strategy and roadmap development that establishes a path for transformation.  We provide discovery workshops, solution demos in our client briefings centers (or via remote access), proof of concept testing, and solution design.

Nlyte Software was formed in 2004 originally as Global DataCenter Management (GDCMTM) by data center managers that knew there must be a better way to manage the complexity of data center resources, assets and staff than the arcane tools that were in use. They knew that spreadsheets, Visio and CAD drawings were tactical responses to a strategic problem that did not address the mission critical nature of computing.  About the same time that ‘Data Center Infrastructure Management’ (DCIM) was established as a market segment, GDCM was renamed Nlyte Software and moved its headquarters to Silicon Valley. Today, over 10 years later, Nlyte Software is currently delivering our 7th generation of products to hundreds of customers worldwide, based on market and customer feedback. We pride ourselves on being laser-focused on our clients, ensuring they derive maximum business value from their DCIM deployments. Nlyte delivers the industry’s benchmark for DCIM, ensuring our solutions are tightly integrated into existing business processes, IT systems and infrastructure.

Iron Mountain is a storage and information management company, assisting more than 156,000 organizations in 36 countries on five continents with storing, protecting and managing their information.


As your needs change over time, we’ll help you map a path from where you should be today to where you expect to end up tomorrow.

If you are still using tape backups, onsite backups, or haven’t yet established an offsite backup and recovery plan that helps you sleep better at night, our data centers can provide offsite backup and recovery options that eliminate the high failure rates of tape backup and shorten your recovery time for both individual files and entire servers.

GreenIT® is the leading advisor in sustainable Information and Communications Technology.

GreenIT® provides services to enable clients to drive measurable financial and environmental benefits from programs for IT Eco-Efficiency and IT Eco-Innovation.

GSA offers a range of products and services and several BPA options to improve data center performance, and ensure your data centers support your mission effectively, even during an emergency.

We help agencies achieve their cost savings, environmental sustainability, cybersecurity, and consolidation goals through a suite of data center services,

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Your top 3 priorities are UPTIME, UPTIME and UPTIME. We understand this and have engineered our entire product line around reliability, redundancy and zero impact to availability. Our HotSpotr™ products incorporate this design philosophy into an immensely useful line of user installable data center cooling solutions.

Datatrend’s IT solutions are comprised of three business units – all working together – to provide you and your organization with the best possible service. Learn more about each division and how we are taking IT beyond:

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  3. Overview of Technology Services

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