IBM Acquires StoredIQ Inc. for Big Data Storage Management

IT Giants IBM announced its acquisition of StoredIQ for better data storage management. This acquisition from IBM will help clients respond more efficiently to regulations and litigations. IBM’s acquisition will also enhance the ability to have effective governance over its vast data. StoredIQ offers governance of distributed and disparate emails and scalable analysis as well as collaboration sites and file shares. Features from StoredIQ also include the ability to monitor, collect, dispose, analyze, discover and de-duplicate of data. StoredIQ is capable of analyzing high volumes of unstructured data and automatically dispose emails and files of incompliance within regulatory requirements.

Vice President of Information Lifecycle Governance at IBM Deidre Paknad said, “CIOs and general counsels are overwhelmed by volumes of information that exceed their budgets and their capacity to meet legal requirements. With this acquisition, IBM adds to its unique strengths as a provider able to help CIOs and attorneys rapidly drive out excess information cost and mitigate legal risks while improving information utility for the business.”

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