Mark Hurd, President of Oracle confirmed that the company does not require expanding their current data centers to accommodate their new offerings of cloud services. To a question asked on how many data centers would Oracle need to power its cloud services, Mark answered that the company would think about expansion only depending on the customer demand for cloud services. “We’ll do what we have

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to do based on markets. We’ll have to put capabilities in place based on need. It is all customer-centric. We don’t need data centers to be as large or exascale because the raw power of these machines [Oracle’s converged Exadata products] has increased so much that it requires a smaller footprint and we can house it in a smaller data center. Location is important but it will all be customer demand driven,” he said. Oracle has one major data center coming up in the region of West Jordan, Utah. This data center is a 180,000 sq ft facility with an investment of $285 million. This project started in the April 2010, but got delayed for a year. Oracle company officials however confirmed that the data center is operational.

In 2010 Oracle said: “Over the past few years, Oracle has successfully consolidated 202,000 square feet of datacenter space into 72,000 square feet in Santa Clara, California, and an even more ambitious project in Broomfield, Colorado, consolidated 496,000 square feet of space into only 126,000 square feet. This averaged out to a 60 percent space compression, resulting in a 30 percent operating expense reduction.” Data Center Talk updates its resources everyday. Visit us to know of the latest technology and standards from the data center world. Please leave your views and comments on DCT Forum