Colt’s SIP Trunking expands internationally

Colt has announced the availability of its SIP Trunking solution – Colt VoIP Access – in Central and Eastern Europe, with further expansion into Northern Europe and Asia taking place by the end of 2015.

With this expansion, Colt’s SIP service will be available in over 20 countries, enabling enterprises to simplify their telephony infrastructure, rationalise multi-site connections over a single IP network, and reduce supplier management costs.

With integrated delivery, tailored packages and the ability to share voice and data network access and infrastructure, Colt VoIP Access allows enterprises with operations in multiple countries to reduce their telecommunications costs by 25 per cent to 50 per cent and create a consistent user experience across the company.

Colt SIP trunking provides highly reliable business grade service in all countries, offering disaster recovery, fraud management and voice security over multiple connectivity options. Colt VoIP Access allows businesses to seamlessly transition from legacy telephony to VoIP with services that include porting in all countries as well as a comprehensive feature set.

It is now available in the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia, in addition to 13 countries in Western Europe. A further expansion of SIP trunking will include Finland, Norway and Japan.

Colt VoIP Access is available for enterprise customers directly, and for service providers with the appropriate reseller enabled tooling, enabling them to easily provision and invoice their customers.