Equinix connects Hibernia Express subsea cable between New York and London

Equinix has announced the new Hibernia Express Cable system which now directly connects the Equinix NY4 and LD4 data centres, providing round trip latency transmission of sub-58.95ms.

Equinix’s New York and London International Business Exchange (IBX) data centre campuses serve as carrier neutral landing locations for Hibernia Networks to connect its low latency subsea cable route. This new connectivity between New York and London allows for a direct fibre pathway under the Atlantic ocean, connecting the European and North American continents with the lowest latency, supporting the ultra fast connectivity requirements of the financial exchange markets between two of the world’s largest financial markets.

Jim Poole, vice president, Global Service Providers, Equinix, ‘Equinix remains committed to providing fast, secure and interconnected routes between the world’s most significant financial centres. This new transatlantic connectivity gives Equinix customers further opportunities to driving business advantage in today’s global economy.’