Amazon Launches New IA Cloud Service

Amazon Web Service has taken as step to launch their new cloud based objective storing service which has a less costly flavor in different ways. Amazon announced that this service is for infrequently accessed data or also know known as the IA data. The S3 which is the Amazon’s Simple Storage Service is the substitute for the organization’s standard S3 type of offering and also it is the Glacier service. Now, in this new storing service, Amazon has included three storage offerings:

  1. S3 IA; far cheaper than the normal S3 with a little editing in availability.
  2. Glacier; which is also cheaper than before comparing to prices including high availability. One of the problems would be the long latency for salvage.
  3. S3 for swift access of the data.

The prices and packages AWS is offering is cheap compared to their services. The S3 packages starts at $0.03 per GB per month and IA package starts at $0.0125 per GB per month. The availability for both packages is 99%. The Glacier’s cost is $0.007 per GB for 1 month. The previous price of the Glacier was $0.01 but they dropped the price after announcing the IA.

This new announcement and service could be the counter for Google’s new IA storage service which starts from $.01 per GB for one month. Amazon is trying to keep up in the competition by launching their IA service.

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