Cloud Security Concerns in the Recent Days

Cloud computing has acknowledged a lot of reputation in the last few years and market spectators think it to be the future, but not if safety issues continue.

For public who are not used to with cloud computing, it is put into practice that involves usage of system servers that are distantly located. Users can access the distant servers through the Internet to administer, store and develop relevant data rather than on the individual computer of a limited server.

Many industries are using cloud computing that typically turns out to be cheaper, quicker and simple to maintain. Now, not only big businesses but regular Internet users are also using cloud computing services. Some of the most used services are Google Docs and Dropbox. They can access their files at whatever time and wherever they desire.

Cloud computing has hasten with the broad use of the Internet services as well as progress of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. A lot of people take their transportable devices when not on their desk and simply access their documents, media and images on cloud storage space through the Internet.

With the improvement in technology market, specialists are also concerned about the increased security requirements for cloud computing.

“There’s no more debate,” says Rajat Bhargava, co-founder of JumpCloud which is a cloud security startup. “When you don’t own the network, it’s open to the rest of the world, and you don’t control the layers of the stack, the cloud – by definition – is more insecure than storing data on premises.”

A number of members of Open Data Center Alliance, a consortium that contains top IT companies of the globe. Some of those companies are SAP, Infosys, Deutsche Telekom, Disney etc. These companies are assumed to be cloud enthusiasts. On the other hand, a latest survey of the members expose that around 66% of the consortium’s associates are worried regarding data security, which is rescheduling their hard work for cloud computing. A related survey complete in previous years specified that around 80% of the members were disbeliever about using cloud computing just because of the security issues.

Security problems over cloud computing is absolutely one of the main concerns that many corporations are trying to be familiar with. Nevertheless, a number of companies are also worried about authoritarian issues.  Market spectators say that 47% of the participants in the study worry that they will be joined to one supplier of cloud storage.

Amazon Web Services is a famous cloud computing provider in the business. The department is the best growing section of Amazon. Though, in October 2012, services were disastrous for a while. Users who had their records stored with Amazon Web Services were incapable to access their files.

Professionals opine that cloud computing is at its promising stage and cloud service providers will have to address problem related security, accessibility, and more to develop in the future. This key issue have to be removed in the near future all people will be more discouraged to use such technology.