Samsung – lunch of the new SSD

The world’s highest capacity 2.5-in flash drive.

Samsung has developed a fifteen.36TB solid-state drive (SSD) supported a two.5-in. kind issue, constant size drives employed in today’s laptops.

The new 15.36TB (model PM1633a) SSD was among a bunch of recent SSDs Samsung undraped at the nonvolatile storage Summit in the week. Whereas the opposite drives were touted in a very statement from the corporate, the PM1633a was solely mentioned throughout a keynote presentation by Samsung officers.

There are not any details nevertheless on once with world’s highest capability two.5-in SSD are obtainable, though’ some revealed reports have speculated it’ll be shipping next year. 3 different new SSDs area units are obtainable right away, Samsung aforesaid.

While Samsung free few details regarding the PM1633a drive, it did say the drive relies on the company’s latest 32GB (256Gbit), 3D Vertical NAND (V-NAND). That chip doubles the capability of previous flash dies employed by Samsung.

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