Google Cloud Platform customers gain improved access to Level 3’s CDN

Google Cloud Platform customers can now access Level 3 Communications’ content delivery network services through CDN Interconnect, part of the Google Cloud Interconnect family of products. CDN Interconnect offers Cloud Platform customers the ability to use Level 3’s CDN to distribute cloud-based content as close as possible to end users – increasing speed and quality of delivery, and improving the overall end-user experience.

Traffic from Google Cloud Platform to Level 3’s CDN travels through high-performance links from Google’s edge points of presence to Level 3’s Origin Servers. Content is then distributed to global edge caching locations. This allows end users to access content from the caching location closest to them, providing a lower latency experience.

Google Cloud Platform is already part of Level 3’s global Cloud Connect Solutions ecosystem, which provides enterprise-grade connectivity from enterprise offices, datacentres and other network resources directly to Google Cloud Platform in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Anthony Christie, Chief Marketing Officer, Level 3 said With the continued rise in online and mobile applications has come the explosion of bandwidth-heavy content such as HD video, image-filled Web pages and streaming music, making it even more critical for content companies to use the right infrastructure to provide smooth and fast delivery. Through Level 3’s collaboration with Google, customers of Google Cloud Platform now have a seamless way to deliver content to their end users using CDN Interconnect and Level 3’s global CDN network.”