Construction of Venyu’s New Mississippi Data Center Commences

While “breaking ground” isn’t exactly the right term, Louisiana-based data center provider Venyu has started construction of their latest data center, a 67,000 square foot facility being built using a repurposed department store in Jackson, Mississippi.

And in a bit of a twist, Venyu already has a non-data center tenant lined up for a portion of the space, the University of Mississippi Medical Center, who will be taking part of the space to serve as the headquarters for its Center for Telehealth; a remote medical facility that uses technology to provide services to medical professionals and consumers without easy access to large medical facilities. The telehealth facility will be able to utilize the networking and connectivity options available from the data center.

To convert a department store to a data center, Venyu is structurally reinforcing the building and preparing the first floor for the data center, while placing the cooling equipment on the second floor, a technology introduced in the construction of its second data center in Baton Rouge. Designed for high-availability, the data center, which will have space for 360 racks, with more than 2 MW of power available, will also have four 1 MW emergency generators, each in an N+1 configuration, to go along with a redundant 1800 kW UPS system.

Though carrier availability has not yet been announced, Venyu has stated that no fewer than three providers will be available to tenants of the colocation portion of the facility. In addition to colo, the new data center will support Venyu’s cloud services, both hosting and backup, as well as its disaster recovery services operation.


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