Google Begins Construction on Chile Data Center

Internet giants Google announced that it has begun construction of data center in Quilicura, Chile. Google had announced it has chosen several sites in several locations across Latin America such as Costa Rica, Mexico and Brazil. Google’s high profile scouting process looked at many factors such as quality of workforce, infrastructure and business regulations. Chile Data center is placed in the company’s other industrialized countries hosting data centers such as Finland, Hong Kong, United States and England.

Google’s new data center in Quilicura, Chile will employ staffs. Google has provided community building programs

to back its investment plans. This program allows organizations to promote their

science and technology, internet access and environmental consciousness. Google will fund “Green Initiatives” proposed by people in an effort to promote the usage of clean energy. Earlier in 2012 Google is working on its data center in Dublin, Hong Kong. Google has opened a new data center in Oklahoma.

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