Amazon to Launch Data Center in Australia

Amazon Web Services has announced the launch of a new data center in Australia. Amazon said that it would start with the services from November 13th. An official

report by ITNews has put an end to the yearlong speculation.

The cloud computing giant, Amazon has data centers in the U.S., Brazil, Ireland, Singapore and Tokyo and edge nodes in seven other European countries, China and Sydney.

Several sources had informed ITNews about Amazon moving all its hardware into its Australian facilities last year. Amazon reportedly has established two data centers in Sydney with its primary data center located in Equinix’s SYD3 facility.

The official launch is going to take place a week before AWS global customer and partner conference. The launch is expected to boost cloud uptake amongst Australian enterprises.

Some officials from AWS said that moving the services from AWS to Sydney can be done within weeks. But it would take months to move services from a traditional environment to the cloud. SunCorp, Commonwealth Bank, and Vodafone are likely to be the first customers of Amazon’s Australian based offerings. SunCorp’s Chief Information Officer Fiona Floyd said that the Amazon’s Platform-as-a-Service model is going to prove to be a game changer, at a conference held this week.

Among the competitors of Amazon, Rackspace is all set to commence services from its Australian data center this year.  In an interview, Rackspace said that this move would enable the locally hosted data centers to remain under the Australian law, and not the overseas laws like the U.S Patriot act.

But Australian cloud computing provider Ninefold and its parent Macquarie Telecom have argued that the Patriot Act could apply to assets of US firms and their subsidiaries.

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