Data Center Quote Deployed- Announces NER Data Corporation

Data center infrastructure management expert, NER Data Corporation, announced the deployment of Data Center Quote portal today. This portal lets reseller partners to access and manage quotes online, thus allowing the partners to respond quickly to end user requests. It allows the resellers to access active and past data to cater to customizable proposal creation. This portal comes with a built in email notification option so that resellers are periodically updated on the quote status without having to log into the portal.

Key features of Data Center Quote include:

  • Access to review and purchase new quotes and history.
  • Permission to personalize proposals with company details.
  • Allows end users to adjust quantities and discounts.

    reseller partners
    reseller partners
  • Permission to request for new quotes from the portal.
  • Email notification to alert the reseller of any new quote.
  • Email notification for quotes that are about to expire.
  • Quick and easy business dealing by turning quotes into purchase orders.

“NER is known in the industry as providing unmatched reseller support, and the quote portal is just one more example of that crucial value we provide.” said Vice President, Robert Huttemann. “Every element of the portal is designed so our resellers can better manage, receive, and use essential information. The built-in processes ensure that partners can quickly respond and provide effective end-user proposals.”

Data Center Quote may be accessed through NER Data Corporation website.

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