CTEX Adds Most Advanced Data Center in Caribbean

CTEX (Curacao Technology Exchange) one of the data center and system integration company is building the most advanced data center in Latin America and Caribbean. CTEX Caribbean has reached the highest construction point and has completed roofing of the plant and as well as critical internal and external structures.

CTEX Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Anthony de Lima said, “With the help of local and international contractors, our shareholders and local financial partners we reached the highest point of the CTEX data center while at the same time completing major structural work of ‘CU-1’ the first of four 5,700 square meters LEED and Tier-IV certified data centers. Developing a purpose built data center is not an easy task. This becomes an even more complicated endeavor when building a Tier-IV facility. The details around structural integrity required withstanding a Category V hurricane and seismic level 3 earthquake is significant. Too, with the help of Schneider Electric, Habibe & Maia architects, Civil Engineering Caribbean, Dusron (local contractor) and Greenblock, the region will have an advanced facility that meets and exceeds international standards for design and engineering. In just under eight months, we crossed one of the project’s major milestones. We could not get to this stage without the team to meet deadlines and find creative ways to speed up the construction cycle. All attention will now be placed on implementing critical mechanical, electrical and plumbing components which will be our next major milestone. Present planning calls for final commissioning of the building in July 2013.”

CTEX has partnered with Greenblock to use Integrated Concrete Forms (ICF) to reduce cooling requirements and to speed up construction time. Curacao is one of the locations which is away from major seismic zones and outside hurricane belt, Curacao multilingual connectivity, workforce, fiscal benefits and political neutrality makes it one of the best sites to build a data center.

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