Washington State Extends Comment Period on Vantage Data Center

                Washington State Department of Ecology has extended the comment period on Vantage Data Center for a proposed air quality permit for buildings. The revised comments date is now January 11, 2013. The comment period has been extended because Vantage data center made few changes in its proposed project, however analysis showed that the project still complies with all air quality rules. The data center will be allowed to install 17 backup generators to support facility during power failures.  Generators will be powered by diesel engines, totally 158 generators have been installed in this facility. Each of the generators is capable of generating 3 M watts of energy and total of 51

M watts of energy.

                According to Washington State department of Ecology states, “Diesel engine exhaust carries toxic air pollutants including nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, organic compounds and small particles.”  Vantage has chosen the Quincy location because of its low cost and green hydro power generation by the Columbia River. All data centers must receive approval from the Department of Ecology before construction of the facility, and companies need to describe all emissions from the facility and also need to explain project’s emission control technology. The vantage data center has plans to use one of the most current air pollution control equipment for controlling harmful gases entering the atmosphere.

                Vantage has designed this facility to achieve LEED Platinum certification and have made several changes to its proposed project to re-analyze the emission for the revised proposal system with all air quality rules.

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