Asetek Inc. Selected to Retrofit Cool Systems in DOD Data Center

                Asetek Inc. is the world’s leaders in providing energy efficient cooling systems for data centers, founded in 2000 and headquartered in San Jose, California. Asetek Inc. also provides cooling systems to servers, high profile gaming systems, high performance PCs and workstations. Products from Asetek Inc. are used for reducing greenhouse emission, reducing power consumption, achieving max performance and lowering acoustic noise. Asetek Inc. has deployed more than 1.3 million cooling units.

                Asetek Inc. has been selected by the US Department of Defense

data center to perform a $2 million project. Asetek Inc. will deploy RackCDU (Rack Coolant Distribution Unit) cooling technology to reduce energy consumption in data centers by more than 50%. This project will be managed by ESTCP (Environmental Security Technology Certification Program) to convert existing air cooled data center to a high performance liquid cooled green data center.

               Asetek Inc. CEO Andre Eriksen said, “The Department of Defense has become very serious about improving data center efficiency, and they are seeking new approaches to address this mission-critical problem, Hot water direct-to-chip liquid-cooling is a powerful approach that can capture more than 80% of the heat generated by a data center and remove it from the building, where it can be cooled for free by ambient air or even reused for building heating and hot water. No power whatsoever goes into actively chilling the water.”

               Vice President of Johnson Control Federal Systems mark Duszynski said, “Retrofitting any data center requires a careful balance of optimizing efficiency while maintaining performance and managing risk. These priorities are especially important to our Department of Defense customers. This new liquid cooling technology has the potential to shape the future of this industry and will provide a low cost retrofit solution that can be applied to virtually all data centers.”

               The NREL (National Renewable Energy Lab) will analyze the saving, energy efficiency, environmental benefits, saving and life cycle of RackCDU across this facility.

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