Data Center Monitoring Solutions

                Data centers usually maintain big data and are mainly associated with servers. Challenges associated with data center are ever increasing with their power, complexity and cooling requirements. Servers. Many companies have made an effort in developing tools and techniques which were working in the past but which might not meet today’s expectations. Following are the top challenges faced by any data center:

  • Managing the number of servers with limited resources
  • Efficiently utilize and manage resources
  • Gaining service level into the infrastructure
  • Monitoring heterogeneous environments
  • Monitoring servers in virtual environments

Following are some of the solutions which might help in tackling above mentioned challenges:

Data centers should implement monitoring systems like Green Works Monitoring Software:

                Green work is one of the comprehensive data center monitoring systems specially made for optimizing cooling and power efficiency.  This application gathers information from UPS, power panels, ATS, chillers and other environmental sensors. Collected information will be then mapped onto a 3D floor. This 3D visualization allows data center managers to have a quick view of energy usage, cooling performance and room conditions. Using this software threshold level can be set-up to provide SNMP and visual alerts.

                Features of Green Works Monitoring Software are:

  • Tracks energy consumption and provides a clear idea of how and where power is utilized
  • Can monitor energy consumption from a different time
  • Capable of identifying oversized and energy capacity to enable managers to realize where improvements can be implemented to reduce consumption.
  • Quickly generates an energy efficiency report to analyze utilization.
  • Capable of generating real time alerts when any device operates out of predefined threshold levels.
  • Easily accessible real time device status
  • Easy and simple to install
  • 30% less costly than other major data center monitoring software
  • Multiple vendor devices can be interfaced in one system.

Data Centers should implement Power Meters:

                Power monitoring system will provide reporting, data and other necessary critical information any data centers. Many servers including blade servers feature multiple power supply. These systems need to be load balanced and installed with the circuit monitoring system.

Following are some of the power meters tools which can be implemented in Data Centers:

  • Wireless Energy Meters

Gather power data from devices without network connectivity

Saves time and reduces cost linked to wired busses

Open data architecture

  • Branch Circuit Monitoring system

A single system can monitor up-to 168 circuits

Can be networked to monitor up-to 2688 circuits

  • Sentinel UPS battery monitoring system

Sentinel system measures temperature, voltage and impedance

Graphical Status report

Real Time Dashboard

Data centers should include Environmental Sensor:

                Preventing downtime and managing energy costs are the most critical issues faced by data center managers. Monitoring data center environmental condition inside the servers will enable managers to know its temperature and desired range of operations. Rack Monitoring systems have the ability to detect system failures before it causes any potential damage. This tool is also a valuable tool to gauge the efficiency of the fan systems, water coolers and aisle contaminant.

                Following are some of the

most impressive tools used to monitor environmental conditions:

  • Wireless Environmental Monitoring

Fluid sensor tags for real-time leakage and fluid detection

Air pressure for monitoring under floor pressure

Includes PDU tags for real-time power utilization monitor

  • MiniGoose XP II

Internal temperature sensor

Enabled with HTTP, SMTP, SNMP, Telnet

No master control needed

  • WeatherGoose II

Includes internal sensors for air flow, Sound, Temperature, Humidity and light

Rack or Bracket mounting

Includes 3 analog and 5 digital ports

All these tools will enable you to take action before any serious damage occurs in data centers.

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