Google plans to expand Data Centers in Council Bluffs, Iowa with $200 Million budget

Google plans to allocate a new data center in Iowa, Council Bluff. Google is planning to invest about $200 million which brings overall investment in Iowa to about $1.1 billion. This data center houses the major services from Google such as Google maps, Gmail, Internet search engine and Google . Google’s Data Center operations manager Russell said “This includes increasing the size of the building as well as deploying in Iowa even more of the computing infrastructure than it runs currently”. This expansion will bring more jobs to Iowa. Iowa topped this list of expansion because of its availability of renewable source of energy, contractors and quality employees.  Google is also investing around $75 million in Rippey, Iowa because of its wind farms. Rippey wind farms is capable of producing renewable energy which is capable or powering 15, 000 homes. Google hopes to complete this project by early 2014.

Mayor of Council Bluffs Tom Hanafan stated that construction process might require workers such as electricians, plumbers and millwrights, the carriers who were hit hard by the housing crisis. He also stated that, this expansion plans will re-strengthen the economy in our area. Governor of Iowa Terry Branstad said , “Google’s decision to continue its investment in Iowa is a tribute to the company, and to Iowa…We have worked hard to make Iowa an attractive and safe place to do business, and this is another example of that work bringing great results.”  CEO and president of Council Buffs Chamber of Commerce Bob Mindit said: “This is just another example of how fast things can change and progress in the technology world.” Director of Iowa Economic Development Authority Debi Durham said, “When Google comes to town, the world takes notice. I can tell you it is one of the reasons why others are beginning to rethink Iowa. It”s like getting the Good Housekeeping seal of coolness.” Officials of  Google also mentioned that a number of jobs would be available during the construction phase, and even after completion. However, the number of jobs available now is very less.

Google claims to build one of the world’s most energy efficient data centers by creating energy projects which causes less pollution than using the conventional or traditional power plants. Council Buff data center is one of the eight facilities which powers Google and other data centers are in Mayes County, Okla; Lenoir, N.C; Douglas Country, Ga;  Berkeley Country, S.C.; Hamina,Finland; The Dalles, Ore and St. Ghislain, Belgium. Some of the other data centers built by Google are located in Hong Kong; Singapore, Taiwan and Quilicura, Chile.

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