Official reports from Falconstor Software Inc., confirmed that Chris Poelker would be representing the company at the Data Center World Conference. Chris would be discussing the importance of Disaster Recovery and Planning at the conference, to be held on October 3, 2012. Chris is the Vice President of enterprise solutions, Falconstor Software, a leading provider of disk-based data protection. The presentation also discusses about the protection of data and ways to cut down excessive IT downtime.

Data center world is the brainchild of AFCOM, one of the largest data center associations. It explores various areas of data center management ranging from the disaster recovery to security levels, and other advanced technologies. Poelker’s presentation deals with, “Optimizing Recovery and Data Protection in the Cloud”. Poelker has casino online also been appointed to the deputy commissioner of the Tech America Foundation Commission on the Leadership Opportunity in US Deployment of the cloud. He would also be discussing the value of data protection in physical, and hybridized environments.

“Most companies believe that having a copy of their data in the event of an IT issue or natural disaster is adequate data protection. However, data center managers must examine how to recover the applications and services on which this data resides to have a true comprehensive data protection and DR plan,” said Poelker. “Companies without a complete IT recovery plan lose millions in productivity and downtime when an event does occur. Through this session, data center managers will have a better understanding on how to optimize their data protection strategies.”

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