After receiving commendable upgrades from their customers on their services, ProlimeHost adds another data center its credit. This data center is located in the city of South Bend in Indiana. With this expansion, ProlimeHost boasts of a total of three data centers. The other two data centers are situated at Dallas and Phoenix.

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The new data center is equipped with state of the art equipments, power, hardware, and security.

Appearing in a press meeting earlier today, a visibly excited Tom Beck, the CTO of ProlimeHost said, “At 40,000 sq. ft. of usable area, this data center stands out as a massive one. And the infrastructure will outperform most of the web hosting industry solutions. The hardware architecture is built and maintained as a managed infrastructure using redundant Cisco gigabit LAN. The external connection is maintained over a multicarrier network that uses the OC-X and Dark Fiber. This optical network infrastructure is the very best that modern technology can commercially provision for today.”

The data center in South Indiana is very different compared to the other two data centers. It has high raised walls, concrete floors and excellent electrical wiring systems. The ceilings are 18-24 feet high. The process of employment is strictly organized. The candidates go through an efficient screening process before selection. Employees are provided with digital access cards to keep a track of their activity within the data center campus. It also has a 24/7 motion sensing surveillance system.

It is therefore of no surprise that the new dedicated server hosting center is making its owners proud. “This new data center will easily increase our Linux client base by 40%, and it may go as high as 50%”, said a spokesperson from ProlimeHost.

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