ProfitBricks Launches Virtual Data Center IaaS

IaaS provider ProfitBricks has launched a new virtual data center IaaS offering in an effort to completely
re-engineer the delivery of cloud computing. This “next generation” IaaS offering provides live vertical
scaling of CPU cores and RAM, making it possible to add resources to an instance or virtual machine
without the need to reboot the server.

ProfitBricks is touting UnixBench performance benchmarks that show the new IaaS offering provides
a 227 percent greater score than Amazon Web Services and 194 percent faster I/O than Rackspace.
Besides ranking higher on UnixBench, ProfitBricks is positioning its value-add in terms of transparent by-
the-minute pricing and usability. According to ProfitBricks, its new IaaS provides several advantages.

“We deconstructed cloud infrastructure down to its most basic elements and discovered there was a
far better way to deliver the service,” said Achim Weiss, ProfitBricks CEO, in a prepared statement. “We
ended up reinventing the architecture, which allows us to offer substantially better performance and a
new level of flexibility in cloud infrastructure. Our platform allows ProfitBricks to offer unprecedented
services at prices others cannot touch because of legacy design and built-in costs.”

It sounds good from what Weiss is saying, but whether ProfitBricks’ IaaS truly lives up to its promises is
unknown at this point. The company is focused heavily on its UnixBench performance benchmark, but
its results that will really matter to customers and, of course, to developers that choose to work with the

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