Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) publishes two new cloud usage models

The Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) has announced and published more documents for data center customers of cloud usage. These new cloud usage models for to address customer demands for interoperability of various clouds and services before for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) among other topics which are now joined by the new Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and foundational document for cloud interoperability. Unlike most industry trade groups or alliances that are vendor driven or centric, ODCA is consortium

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of global IT leaders (e.g. customers) that is vendor independent and comprises as 12 member steering committee from member companies (e.g. customers), learn more about ODCA here. It is great to see IT customer driven or centric groups step and actually deliver content and material to help their peers, or in some cases competitors that compliments information provided by vendors and vendor driven trade groups. Granted some marketing organizations or even trade groups may not like that and view groups such as ODCA as giving away control of who decides what is best for them. Smart vendors, vars, business partners, consultants and advisors are and will leverage material and resources such as ODCA, and likewise, groups like ODCA are open to including a diverse membership unlike some pay to play industry vendor centric trade groups. If you are a vendor, var or business partner, don’t look at ODCA as a threat, instead, explore how your customers or prospects may be involved with, or using ODCA material and leverage that as a differentiator between you and your competitor. Data Center Talk updates its resources everyday. Visit us to know of the latest technology and standards from the data center world. Please leave your views and comments on DCT Forum

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