Largest data center in Moscow certified by Uptime Institute

Moscow’s largest data center –  operated by Sberbank – has received Tier III certification from the Uptime Institute.

Sberbank is a Russian credit institution. It invested US$1.2bn in the 10MW 16,500 sq m South Port data center which opened in November 2011 following 15 months of construction.

The data center has been designed to comply with international reliability standards and uses a unique bio-identification system and blood system access control for data center security.

It features 5,000 sq m of IT space, used for the bank’s data processing for loan applications.

Sberbank’s automated system can decide on the outcome of a loan application 80% of the time, using 280 algorithms and data exchanges between various government agencies and institutes. It processes about 25,000 loans a day.

The data center features a dual power supply system and has its own fuel storage.

The project was managed by Dutch consultancy Deerns and Dutch developer Marecon BV. Deerns also designed the data center’s cooling system.

Deerns carried out the data center’s testing and commissioning (T&C), construction quality assurance services and T&C validation processes, and trained Sberbank staff on data center maintenance and operations and provided support for the Uptime Institute tests.

Sberbank has also invested $800m in new data center at a technology park the Kremlin says is Russia’s answer to Silicon Valley.

The newer data center will house Sberbank’s own information technology and will also used as a research and innovation center, with earlier reports suggesting up to 5,000 people will end up working at the 7,000 sq m facility.

“This data center is a unique high-tech facility to enable Sberbank to complete transfer to a single IT platform within 1.5 years,” Sberbank President and Chairman Herman Gref said.

“This project will enable the bank to become a high-tech service provider that promptly introduces new services and provides an equally high level of service throughout its office network.”

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