Colocation America Expands Its L.A Data Centers

Colocation America, provider of dedicated server hosting, announced the expansion of its Los Angeles data center space by fifty percent. The company is expanding in order to meet the increasing demand of foreign and domestic companies seeking to have West Coast server redundancy. Recently formed partnerships with some of the best VOIP software providers has resulted in an increase in requests for calling card software at their data centers in L.A and other U.S cities.

“If we are not prepared to immediately meet client demands for server space, then we are not staying committed to our mission of providing the highest level of customer service,” stated Albert Ahdoot, Colocation America’s Business Development Director. “By making it incredibly easy for businesses to colocate or get a dedicated server with us, we can put our effort into staying on top of the latest data center technological developments.”

Even though their major data center is located in L.A, Colocation America has data centers in other major cities such as Chicago, San Francisco, New Jersey and New York. All its data centers maintain the highest standards, including PCI, HIPAA, and SSAE 16 compliancy guidelines. Each of these data centers provides wide range of connectivity and collocation options beginning at $75 per month. According to Ahdoot, “Being able to offer full scalability

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