Toronto Data Center – PEER 1 Hosting

PEER1 is one of the popular dedicated hosting provider in Toronto. PEER 1 Hosting released video about their new 41000 square foot data center located in Toronto.

Rackspace Mission


Intel Data Centre strategy

Please check out the following video. It explains how Intel is doing the data center design.

Rittal Discusses Data Center Cooling

This video talks of new cooling technologies that are available in the market including cold aisle containment, free cooling, liquid cooling and other next generation CRAC systems. It also talks of ways in which optimized cooling can save your annual expenditure and improve data center efficiency.


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All About Different RAID Levels

In this video, you will understand the different types of RAID levels. Terminologies like disk striping, striping with parity, and striping with a distributed party are also discussed.

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What is Virtualization?

This video explains what is server virtualization and desktop virtualization and also discusses the benefits of virtualizing. The video also talks about who should consider virtualization.


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Three Types of Cloud Computing

This cloud computing video explains the three types of cloud computing- SaaS, PaaS and Iaas — otherwise known as “software as a service”, “platform as a service” and “infrastructure as a service”.


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What is Cloud Computing?

At last, a video that explains it all! This video talk to you about what exactly cloud computing is all about and how you can benefit from it!

Data Center Energy Efficiency Savings Calculator helps you to calculate the energy efficiency savings of your data center. It calculates efficiency through Power Usage Effectiveness and by considering the total load facility of the data center. It also takes into account the wattage costs depending on country and the state the data center is located in. Here is a tutorial on how to use the calculator.

DC Deconstructed — Cisco’s Raleigh Data Center

This video gives an overview of Cisco’s new data center in Raleigh, North Carolina. This data center also acts as a data recovery center and implements Green Data Center concepts. Getting part of its power needs from the solar panes, this data center also uses air economizers for cooling purposes.