Data Center Migration,Move and Relocation Project Timeline Checklists

Data Center Migration, Move and Relocation Project Timeline

Data Center Migration Planning Phase
1. Define Roles and Responsibility.

  • Create a team and assign responsibilities for all aspects of the move
  • Make sure all areas of expertise are covered
  • Make sure that you may have to look outside of IT for some areas

2. Prepare documentation, policy, and procedures

  • Ensure that assets and inventory documentation is properly managed.
  • Here is where you find out how good or bad your assets documentation is.

Data Center Migration Blueprint Phase

1. Design a layout for your new data center.

  • Get familiar with the dimensions of the new location and determine where everything will be located.

2. Develop a schedule.

  • A complex data center move is all about timing. Divide and conquer by breaking the task into manageable subtasks.

3. Set up services.

  • Contact service providers for all the utilities you’ll need, such as WAN services. Do this well in advance of your move, but even then be
    prepared for possible delays.

4. Make business interruption plans.

  • Plan the timing for shutting down and bringing back essential applications and services. Leave plenty of time for testing.

Data Center Migration Relocation Phase

The move will quickly reveal whether your months of planning bear fruit. Here are some tips:

  • Only personnel involved in the move should be present at this time.
  • Have contact numbers for all your vendors handy.
  • If you are moving into a newly constructed building, try to have representatives from the construction firm present.
  • A data center move means a lot of work getting done in a short amount of time. Make sure you have resources on “standby” in case you
    require more help.
  • Have plenty of help desk staff available to help users get their PCs and network configurations set up. If your entire business is moving, you will have lots of users asking for help.
  • Test your critical applications and hardware once everything is in place. Is your hardware operating properly?
  • Are your critical applications running without a hitch , or are there configuration problems to be resolved ? Is your networking equipment
    operating properly ?
  • Act to correct any problems revealed by your testing. Document any problems thoroughly and file the report in a safe place. After all, you never know when you might be moving again!

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