First Google Cloud Data Center in the East Coast comes to South Carolina

New Google cloud data center offers Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud Storage, and Google Cloud SQL now with Google App Engine to come.

The land grab among hyperscale public cloud vendors continued Thursday with Google’s announcement that it’s opening a new east-coast data center in South Carolina.

From the Google Blog Post

We’re opening our new us-east1 region in South Carolina for Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud Storage, and Google Cloud SQL. Google App Engine will be coming soon, we’ll have more on this shortly! This will open up our services to customers that were waiting on a U.S. East Coast presence. Besides lowering latency to those on the U.S. East Coast, the addition of the South Carolina location gives customers across North America the capability to build multi-region disaster recovery plans for their applications running on Google Cloud Platform.

This comes two days after Microsoft MSFT 0.79% announced the opening of three new Microsoft Azure data centers in India. And a few days before Amazon AMZN 1.73% Web Services annual AWS Re:Invent conference.

It’s important for public cloud providers to offer lots of regional coverage to cut down on latency (slow operations). The closer a provider can put compute power to the end user the faster things work. That’s why the race is on to put more data centers in more places.

Google GOOG 0.47% claims 14 data center sites (actually data center farm sites may be a more accurate term) worldwide.

AWS, Microsoft, and Google are widely seen as the top three public cloud superpowers, each spending multiple-billions of dollars yearly on cloud infrastructure.