McAfee has unveiled four new data center security suites to ensure the safety and security of the data and the servers. This new technology would enable users to secure their physical servers, virtual servers, and desktops from threats and cyber attacks.

The company officials explained that these four new suites encompass whitelisting, blacklisting, and virtualization to protect servers and databases. This technology also gives the client an added advantage of using all the features in a single application.

These suites also claim to provide the client with optimal security for the physical, as well as the cloud servers without any impact on the server resources.

McAfee’s new Data Center Security Suites include

  • Suite for server
  • Suite for Server-Hypervisor Edition
  • Suite for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Database Server Protection

Suite for server encompasses whitelisting, blacklisting, and virtualization to provide security to

Suite for Server-Hypervisor Edition encompasses whitelisting, blacklisting, and virtualization to provide basic security to all types of servers with a license from Hypervisor.

Suite for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure provides security to all virtual desktop deployments without compromising on the user experience.

Database Server Protection provides features to enable activity monitoring and protect all major database servers from vulnerabilities.

McAfee Endpoint Security senior vice president and general manager Candace Worley said, “The combination of whitelisting, blacklisting and virtualization in a single application, offers an optimal security posture for protecting servers in the data centers”.

“These solutions address the need in the industry to offer solutions that provide the highest level of protection with minimal impact on the resources they are deployed on and in a wide range of customized licensing options,” Worley said.


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