Like all car manufacturers, BMW requires heavy computing applications like computer aided design, crash simulation, and aerodynamic calculation needs. These applications are critical for any automobile manufacture companies. They contribute to the success and innovation. However critical these applications are, they require high amounts of energy

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from the data centers in which they are housed. To reduce the cost of powering these applications, BMW plans to move these to a 45 acre data center at Iceland. BMW’s announcement of shifting its operations to Iceland data center has come as a relief to Iceland. Iceland experienced a major downfall when the banking sector crashed during a global financial crisis. A $700 million data center is housed in the former NATO base of Keflik, which boasts of providing facilities with 100% clean energy. With the BMW’s plan, Iceland data center owners hope that it will lure the other big companies in hosting their servers here. More companies are relying on warehousing massive amounts of data which in turn lead to excessive overhead costs with the global increase in prices. Iceland’s data center overcomes this problem by providing warehousing in clean, green data centers. The owner of this sprawling complex is Verne Global, a United Kingdom-based developer of green data centers. Located on bedrock, it remains unaffected by any sort of seismic activity or volcanic activity. It makes use of the natural cooling instead of the pricey air conditioning systems.BMW has also benefited by reduction in costs by 82%. BMW expects to reduce its carbon emissions by 3,570 metric tonsthe equivalent of over 385,000 gallons of gasoline. Data Center Talk updates its resources everyday. Visit us to know of the latest technology and standards from the data center world. Please leave your views and comments on DCT Forum  

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