Inhibiting the IT equipment from overheating in winter

Many IT businesses face a new kind challenge that may take them by surprise completely. The challenge that we are talking about is keeping the heat-sensitive IT equipment in the server room or telecom closet cool during the cold-weather months, when the building is actually heated. Every kind of IT business andIT organization depend on the servers, telecom switches and other equipments. So this problem has become critical.

If the IT building is in design stage, then steps can be taken to prevent damage to the servers by creating a separate room with its own air-conditioning system. But most of the IT companies cannot afford to build a new server room in an already constructed building. To tackle this problem, IT companies have started using self contained ceiling-mount air conditioners to keep server room and closet cool, while the rest of the building is heated. The

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Working of Self-Contained Air Conditioners Conventional air conditioners consist of two separate units, one which contains a condenser and the other an evaporator coil. But self-contained air-conditioner has both a condenser and evaporator coil in a single unit. Inside the unit, cold refrigerant flows through copper tubing from the condenser to the evaporator coil. A fan blows over the coil thus pushing cold air out. A second fan pushes the hot exhaust air out through

the system’s built-in duct, which is directed into the crawl space above a drop ceiling. The excess moisture is removed from the air is automatically pumped out to a drain and in the portable units, disposed of manually. When there is no available space to direct the hot exhaust air into, self-contained, water-cooled units are now available. Advantages of ceiling-mount air conditioners are The benefits of self-contained, ceiling-mount air conditioners are: • Low cost compared to other air-conditioners • Quick and easy installation • No extra condensing unit to install and maintain • Flexible placement of air supply and return • Easy connection to building control and fire alarm systems

Self-contained, ceiling-mount conditioners are notable for their low cost and quick, easy installation. Unless there are any special circumstances, an installation may take up to 4 hours. Self-contained, ceiling-mount air conditioners are smaller than other cooling systems, so they are much easier to fit into the limited crawl space. Self-contained, ceiling-mount air conditioners are available in smaller capacities than precision-cooling systems, and have higher sensible cooling capacities than mini-split systems. Self-contained, ceiling-mount air conditioners use flexible air ducts for both supply and return. This helps the air conditioner itself to be placed anywhere in the crawl space. Important conditions to look for in a Self-Contained, Ceiling-Mount Air Conditioner Reliability: An air conditioning must be always reliable and that is a system built to the

highest quality standards. The fan motors should be fully enclosed in protective housings to prevent dust from building up. And then the sheet-metal panels should be checked to see if they have stress-relief notches at the bends and is the refrigeration unit hermetically sealed or has service valves which result in leakage. These are the quality-oriented details which are indicators of high-quality equipment that is designed and manufactured with long-term reliability in mind. Established manufacturer: Look out for a company which has established itself in the market and also are the market leaders. They should also provide the service and support throughout North America and globally. Data Center Talk updates its resources everyday. Visit us to know of the latest technology and standards from the data center world. Please leave your views and comments on DCT Forum