Data Center Operations and Its Biggest Mistakes

Data Center is a facility furnished with computer system and associated components, such as storage and telecommunication systems. Data centers are drawing attention globally with its unique features li

ke reliability, space for large data, redundancy and temperature control. Data centers generally include data communication connection, power supply backups, security devices, fire suppression and air conditioners. Massive data centers consume electricity as a small town and contribute a significant amount of air pollution in the form of diesel exhaust. Boom of data centers rose during the dot – com bubble. Similarly for years massive data centers are mesmerized to a lot of operational errors, mainly due to human blooper.

To yield better efficiency data centers companies have to ensure operational programs are fully functional and successful. Data centers have to be very watchful to avoid traps. Here are some of the common mistakes happen in data centers:

Relying Too Much on Data Center Design:

We can observe companies investing a lot of money on redundant design of the facility rather than concentrating on their operations. This is one of the best examples for human lackadaisical. Many data centers concentrate more on appointing specialist to design office building maintenance and no experts in managing critical operational facilities.

Disregarding Operation Team in Facility Design:

This is the first step that an organization needs to implement to balance the company’s capital expenditure. This step helps an organization to control and understand company’s operational expenditure. This step also includes determining performance characteristics and design criteria.

Failure in Addressing the Correct Number of Staffs:

Many Hosting companies owning data centers underestimate the need of appropriate staffing. Insufficient staffing can result in havoc at emergency situations. So it’s better to create schedule and deploy proper number of resources.

Failure in Training and Developing Right Talent

Once an organization hires a fresher or a qualified person, it's important to provide training and support. Generating a positive

environment significantly improves the retention rates of the person. Companies need to have step by step training programs in order to expertise the work assigned to them.

Failing to Test Skills Consistently:

Organizations need to perform tests technicians consistently which might help in building right responses at the right time. Training alone cannot gain complete skills, regular test and assessments will improve overall reaction time during emergency situations.

Failure in Implementing Appropriate Procedures and Processes:

Companies have to look at the processes and procedures are moving on right schedule and yielding good results. Companies need to have a regular update on formal set of procedures and processes which return maximum efficiency. Some of the procedures include EOP (Emergency Operational Procedure), Emergency response, Standard Operational Procedure, vendor management and Method of procedure.

Failure in Using Software Management Tool:

Most of the data center organizations neglect to install software management tools to minimize the operational cost. This seems cost effective. When a company starts catering more number of customers, management team might be at risk because of poor document management.

Failure in Implementing Quality Systems:

Data center need to implement efficient, cost effective and reliable hardware. One of the best ways to ensure proper quality of the systems is by including a Quality Assurance team.

These are the main steps need to be maintained to gain maximum efficiency of the facility.

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