Cavern Technologies Expands Data Center in Kansas

          Cavern Technologies is one of the companies which provide colocation and data center facilities. Cavern Technologies is located Lenexa, Kansas. Cavern Technologies provides services to startup to Fortune 500 to top government organizations. Cavern Technologies is capable of providing scalable enterprise level data center, unmatched customer support and storage services and is committed to protect the customer’s proprietary interest in minimizing the risk.

         Cavern Technologies announced about its expansion plans in Lenexa, Kansas by adding 31, 000 sq ft.  Cavern data center in Kansas is located 125 feet underground and provides a secure infrastructure, data center is well shielded from natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes that can interrupt services

in ground level data centers. Recent expansion will double to data center space over 60, 000 sq ft. Kansas facility is located in a 3 million sq ft data center and company provides a secure infrastructure to all its customers. Cavern has 100% customer retention rate and has gained 100% growth rate in past 12 months.  This data center features fully redundant UPS, dual power feeds, fully redundant and high capacity HVAC system, cooling and heating sinks, access to multiple fiber providers and FM 200 fire suppression.

         Pete Cline, CEO of Cavern Technologies said, “With our world-class architects, contractors, electricians and IT professionals, Cavern is creating custom and scalable solutions that are built to suit our customers exacting specifications. Not only is subsurface facility incredibly stable and secure, but due to the ambient temperate below ground, we can give our customers huge savings on their monthly cooling bills. Because of that, Cavern is an attractive alternative to retrofitted warehouses and re-purposed sky scrapers.”

         John Clune, President of Cavern Technologies said, “Cavern is incredibly proud of our most recent build. The custom space, like the rest of our data suites, was designed to meet customer’s unique requirements and their strategic operating objectives, guaranteeing the greatest ROI on their data center infrastructure.”

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