Reasons to Renovate Your Data Centers

               Most of the data centers have following features false floors, windowless rooms, lots of electrical outlets, limited walking space and sterile. Data Center renovations one of the best paths where managers can improve performance and improve the overall efficiency of the center. By renovating Data centers, managers can yield a lot of improvements in terms of space, performance, operating cost and many others. When do managers know it”s time to renovate data centers?  These following points will give some idea.

               One of the main goals of data centers is to maintain cool temperature. Whenever you traverse inside the data center, if you get any hot flashes or when temperature fluctuates greatly. Then it”s time to check and renovate the cooling system. CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) is one of the gauges which tell how to manage cooling systems in your data centers.

               Each and every day technology keeps on upgrading.  Have a look at technologies running in the current market and implement those in order to gain more efficiency.  Implement new rack designs which provide a new level of savings in cost and energy and also improves the level of control over data center.

               No room to add more servers? When you think of adding a new rack of sever to gain more power into your data center, you think of renovation. Carefully analyze servers and remove the servers which are not running, this might cause under utilization of resources and might directly affect your operations and maintenance cost.

               A fan is one of the cheapest cooling agents in data centers. A fan is capable of redirecting hot air away from servers and allows cool air inside the servers; this can reduce hot air between servers the data centers.

               When your data center looks like a room of cables. This means data center needs renovation and management team has to improve cabling. This might money and time and this leads to overall improvement of the data center.

               Worrying about natural disasters? We are not sure when data

center might be struck with a flood or earth quake and other emergencies.  New data center designs concentrate more on disaster management and recovery, implementing any of these designs might help to overcome disasters.

               Managers need to have a close look at data center Infrastructure management tools and these approaches might be worth of looking into. DCIM tools favor small data centers which are scalable.

                Not getting expected efficiency from your data centers? If you think that you are not yielding expected efficiency from your data centers, then it’s time to renovate your data center. While renovating data centers look for alternative energy sources and alternative source for cooling your servers.  Managers need to make a regular survey on servers and eliminate redundant hardware which might eat up a lot of energy.

                Renovating a data center is far more complex than renovating a house. In data centers renovation is a continuous process. Renovation process is a critical issue which minimizes the risk of downtime and also enhances the overall efficiency of the plant.

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