CloudVelocity Launches Hybrid Cloud Cloning Software

CloudVelocity is one of the companies which offer enterprise applications for organizations to improve business results. CloudVelocity launched its hybrid cloud automation tool for enterprises to quickly migrate to a new cloud environment. This clone cloud application from CloudVelocity makes it easier to clone applications from an enterprise data center to either a public or private cloud. Organizations or enterprises could move to a new cloud environment for cost saving, failover or scalability.

Applications deployed in a new cloud environment can run without needing any modification in the cloud and will be able to access services that reside in enterprise data center. CloudVelocity is backed by a $5 million financing from Mayfield Fund. CloudVelocity is seeking a patent on One Hybrid Cloud (OHC) platform.

Mayfield Fund Managing Director, Navin Chadda said, “We believe that CloudVelocity will have the same impact on public cloud adoption as VMware did on the adoption of server Virtualization by making public clouds look like internal data centers.”

Chief Executive Officer of CloudVelocity Rajeev Chawla said, “Our goal is to enable enterprises to operate hybrid clouds as seamless extensions of the data center. Cloud cloning, migration and failover are our first steps in that direction.

Nitin Shingate, Vice President of Lealta Media said, “The CloudVelocity Enterprise Edition software trial worked so well that we’ve chosen to use it ahead of schedule

in our production environment for cloud failover. This will help ensure that our online business stays available within the AWS cloud. Because we cannot afford downtime, CloudVelocity has helped us to increase availability while also substantially reducing our expenses.”

  Hope these tools will help data center managers to get clear idea about improving efficiency of the cooling systems.

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