The Best Data Center Cooling Accessories

               Data centers will invest large capital to build efficient cooling systems. The demand for efficient cooling system has heated up and data center managers are thinking to implement alternate ways to increase efficiency at a relatively low cost. Following are some of the accessories which yield huge efficiency.

High Perforation Floor Tiles:

                This accessory is designed to deliver cool air from AC units to the floor system. In past floor tiles were considered as a commodity item. Nowadays data centers are forced to include higher racks at small places to increase the number of customers. To increase efficiency floor system’s weight capacity has to be maintained and ensure sufficient air flow. Through a combination of experience and innovation in accessories, our solutions can meet the demands of data center managers. These solutions can be implemented on both new and existing flooring projects.

                Cooling specialists will analyze the floor system and determine which tiles either solid or perforated will be suitable for your existing floor set up.

Triad ICE Airflow Tile:

                This tile is designed to provide optimal cooling capacity. This panel is available in 1500, 3000, 4000lbs concrete load capacity. This panel can either be used vertically or horizontally. ICE Airflow Tiles are integrated with dual handles which are safe to place without danger of trapping fingers.

Features of ICE Airflow Tile:

  • Includes optional damper kit
  • Integrated with lift-lock handle
  • Compatible with hollow steel, cement fills woodcore and aluminum
  • No special hardware is required

Ceiling Grid Vent System:

                Ceiling grid vent system is designed to pass air from the equipment to closets. Ceiling grid vent system is included with nine professional grade fans. These fans are automated by two independent temperature controllers. Fans are automated to run when necessary, which saves energy and increase the life of the system.  The fan speed can be adjusted to reduce the noise. Fans can be implemented with more advanced temperature control system which can automatically vary the fan speed or change on offset points.


Features of Ceiling grid vent system:

  • Includes 9 top quality fans
  • Aluminum finish
  • Attractive white enamel finishing
  • Temperature range: 14 to 160 deg F

Cool Shield Plenum:

                These are the barrier to block or return air to maximize cooling efficiency. Plenum easily attaches to the structure and can be bent to any angle and can be easily cut to any size.

                Features of cool shield plenum:

  • Flexible material
  • Maximizes efficiency by reducing cooling footprints
  • Material can be easily cut and resealed
  • Increases under floor pressure

HotSpotr Floor Fan:

                HotSpotr is an improved airflow product which channels chilled data center air to precisely where it is needed and also revert back the heated air to computer room air conditioners. HotSpotr is the best solution to overcome hot spots without any downtime. HotSpotr is bit less expensive and can be controlled by operators. Under floor pipes, cable trays, cabling etc. might reduce the overall efficiency of the system due to low static pressure and reduces air flow.

                Hope these tools will help data center managers to get clear idea about improving efficiency of the cooling systems.

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