Webair announced that its flagship data center located in the Garden City, NY known as NY1 has not succumbed to the Hurricane Sandy. NY1 has continued to operate without any disruption in the services during and after the Hurricane.

With the announcement of hurricane Sandy’s arrival by the meteorological department, Webair immediately launched its Emergency Response Procedure. The generator technicians tested and serviced all the generators over the weekend prior to the storm along with the daily maintenance procedures. This also included confirming all diesel fuel levels were optimal and ensuring the data center was staffed by multiple System Administrators, Network Administrators and Data Center Engineers, 24/7 throughout the storm.

“Webair's NY1 data center is designed and maintained to provide our clients with the utmost in reliability and redundancy during weather event situations,” stated Michael C. Orza, CEO. “We've significantly invested in and designed our data center to provide us the highest level of service availability. We were temporarily on generator power and our backup systems performed as expected without issue. We have over 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel on site and disaster recovery seats were prepared for clients who required emergency seats”

About Webair: Webair is a global leader in the market of managed hosting, and Managed and Secure Cloud Infrastructure. It caters to companies and organizations of all sizes.  Webair offers a variety of Hosting servic

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