One of the data centers operating at 111, 8th avenue, NYC experienced major generator problems in the wake of the hurricane Sandy. This data center is one of Google’s solely owned facilities which occupy one whole city block.

A number of data centers are housed in this 3 million sq ft building in the region of lower Manhattan. This building also serves as a carrier hotel, a major connection point to all the giant telecom providers.

Lower Manhattan, and all its data centers have been operating on generator backed power since Con Edison cut the power supplies because of hurricane Sandy.

This disruption in power has caused generator problems, which were the sole source of power during the deluge. 111, 8th avenue was not spared either.

Data center Zayo occupies about 26500 sq ft of the data center building. On Thursday, its website carried reports that the company has called for urgent communication regarding the status of the 111, 8th avenue facility.

Zayo made some strong efforts in trying to communicate the problems caused by Sandy to its customers. Sandy definitely played havoc which resulted in the indefinite transitions of temperature within the data centers.

In a first byte to the media, Zayo said that the temperature within its data centers reached 93 degrees. The company mentioned that there was a fault detected in the fuel pumping system to a subset of generators within the building, affecting the AC power.

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