Recently, some major internet giants like Go Daddy experienced a downfall with customers registering complaints against the leading web host. Investigations revealed that the outage was a result of security breach in their data centers. A group called the hacktivists claimed responsibility for the attack. It was quite clear that hackers want to infiltrate any organization that boasts of a tight invincible security environment. Such treacherous attacks have created a stir in the IT sector, and have even raised questions on the safety of the data stored in these divisions.

Security threats cannot be restricted to only physical infiltrations; the main threat that is hovering over data centers is the cyber attack. Cyber attacks are not something that the IT sector is unaware of, it is just that these platforms are being used by people to voice their agitations and protests.

IT sector and data centers have taken the required measures to combat such attacks. Employees are given suitable training, sophisticated security tools are installed, and every precaution that one can think of is deployed to viagra for sale prevent security breaches in a data center. And then it happens anyway, putting all the efforts into vain. More worse all the data is looted and lost.

A. Pre-requisites: it is always better to keep your employees and staff well aware of the possible threats and breaches. Frame the right guidelines to follow when under such siege. Keep them updated on the counter measures which might sometimes possibly be way ahead of their expertise as technicians, but do not give up. It is possible that the data center staff get overwhelmed with anxiety during a security breach resulting in monetary and data losses. Having a well executable plan of action can save one from all the possible damages.

B. Action after attack: In spite of all the precautionary measures, a data center is in danger of losing all its data; prepare a checklist that would come handy, if so, there is another attack.

  • Remain calm and poised: Do not get over excited and jump to the rescue without a prepared plan or succumb to the situation without being able to help. Just remember that yours is not the only company to have come under an attack; they have sailed through it, so will you.
  • Inform the necessary personnel: assuming that you already have a plan of action for such situations, inform the necessary staff members who have been trained to combat such situations. Contemplate and strategize accordingly, and start investigations without a delay.
  • Preserve evidence to identify the criminals: do not shut down the servers after the attack; keep them running as this would help in identifying the perpetrators of crime. Gather as much information as possible that may be critical to an internal or external investigation.
  • Take the help of the law enforcement authorities: make sure to file a case of security breach with the police officials. This would not only aide investigation, but would also avoid conflicts.
  • Document the investigation details: most crucial element of the investigation. Record all the details, document, and preserve for future reference. Make copies of the same to avoid any sort of tampering.
  • Inform the clients: Be honest and inform all the parties affected of the security breach. Consult your legal counterparts on the same; this would save you from lawsuits and fines.
  • Scrutinize your employee’s approach: Take constructive measures to identify every employee’s weakness and strengths. Make sure the plan of action is not erased once the services are restored. Modify your plan of action so that you’ll be better prepared the next time.

C. Conclusion: Prepare yourself for the worst scenario, because your data center could be the next. Planning ahead, you should be prepared to react decisively should a breach occur.

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