Du in Alliance with Equinix Launches $80 million data center

The UAE telecommunications giant called the Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company announced that it has launched an $80 million data center project in alliance with the Californian interconnections and data center firm, Equinix. The new data center is going to be located in Dubai, said an official report released on Tuesday.

Du and Equinix have entered into a joint

venture agreement with an objective of providing data center and interconnection services to the Middle East countries. This new mission critical project will be able to deliver faster internet options to the Gulf countries.

Both Du and Equinix will invest $40 million each. This new Dubai data center is going to be the first, one of its kind carrier neutral hub where carriers, cloud providers, content providers, financial and enterprise customers will collocate their IT infrastructure.

Equinix has already made an investment in Dubai by purchasing a data center for $40 million. Du will also invest in the same by contributing the same amount in the next five years.

“The alliance enables our customers to expand their digital footprint from a location where some of the fastest-growing markets in the world intersect,” said Du chief executive officer, Osman Sultan.

Through this alliance, the customers of Du and Equinix from the Gulf countries will be benefited because of the close proximity to UAE and the regional market. It will also help the local enterprises to connect to more than 4000 customers across Equinix.

The alliance of Du with Equinix also brings an added advantage to the customers looking at building a global footprint. It would act as a growth accelerator for businesses situated in UAE and other Middle Eastern countries.

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