A managed hosting and colocation providing firm, XIOLINK reported that one of its downtown data centers on 1111 Olive Street consumes about 55% less power than any enterprise data centers. The company said that minimal energy was being deployed for the cooling facilities of the data center.

A recent front page report in the New York Times illustrated on the enormous amount of energy wastage by data centers. This drew a rebuttal from the Forbes Magazine and other analysts, and to an extent created a stir in the industry.

Mike Palmer, the chief technology officer of XIOLINK said that the reports by the newspaper were baseless and put the whole data center industry in a bas light. It said that the paper had missed out some very important distinctions.

He said that some large enterprise data centers may waste energy and are not concerned about the consequences. But XIOLINK ensures that there is minimal energy wastage because they think that it is the most excessive costs of business.

However, Palmer declined to comment on the amount of energy used by XIOLINK. He said that consumption of electricity in data centers is a hugely guarded secret, but did not fail to mention that XIOLINK has adopted some unique solutions to facilitate cooling.

This center, instead of using 40 smaller units in every floor, uses only 6 large, very efficient cooling units. He also said that when temperatures reach 65 degrees outside and the humidity is 60% low, they automatically turn off the chillers and draw air from outside.

“We can do that in St. Louis for about 45 percent of the year,” Palmer said.

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