Oracle has only one data center in Australia, and it plans to set up another one in Singapore. With only one data center in the Asia Pacific region, it needs to expand its data center footprint worldwide in order to beef up its cloud services.

Operating only one data center in the land of Asia Pacific, Oracle seems to be losing out in providing cloud based services to organizations from across the world.

Sandra NG, group Vice President of a research firm at IDC says that organizations would prefer data centers close to their site, so on-shore or near shore data centers need to be given more prominence.

At the Oracle Open World conference held on Tuesday, Ng noted: “Obviously, if you only have one data center in a region as diverse as Asia-Pacific, it’s not going to be adequate.”

Oracle currently operates just one data center in Australia, and is slated to open another in Singapore within year. A spokesperson of the company said that the company would plan of setting up data centers in other regions only if there is sufficient customer demand.

Oracle added the infrastructure-as-a-service to its list of credentials. With this addition it has increased its cloud based tiers to three i.e. the software-as-a-service, and platform-as-a-service. Company CEO Larry Ellison said that this development has put Oracle in stronger position compared to the other top-notch companies. Amazon has only one service tier whereas has two.

NG noted that more and more organizations are looking at encompassing all the three service tiers, as they have started realizing their importance

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