Hurricane Sandy seems to have taken the people of USA by a storm, literally. It has knocked down a quarter of the cell towers spreading across an area of 10 states. This news was confirmed by the officials of Federal Regulation.

Some cell towers are still operational and are doing so by the use of generators. Generators could run out of fuel any time and the services cannot be restored until commercial refueling is available, said the Federal Regulatory authorities.

However the Federal Communication Committee has confirmed that the landline networks have held up better in the affected areas of Virginia and Massachusetts. But over a quarter of the areas have been adversely affected.

The FCC does not have a head count of the total number of people in the affected areas.

911 emergency services have not been affected and have been going strong. However calls to 911 in the affected areas have been rerouted because there seems to be a problem with the automatic location locator.

Sandy left widespread destruction, but the water welling into southern Manhattan drenched one of the world’s densest communications nodes, taking out popular websites and forcing telecom carriers to reroute international traffic.

As commercial power was cut to the southern tip of Manhattan on Monday, data centers and facilities of phone companies in the Wall Street area were forced to switch to diesel generators. Data centers that failed to keep running on backup power brought down news and gossip sites Gawker, Huffington Post and many popular New York-based blogs.

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