New York City has been battered by Hurricane Sandy for the past two days. This natural calamity is claimed to be the one of the worst which has hit USA in the last few years.Although the nation has taken measures to tackle such calamities, New York and other parts of the nation were paralyzed  resulting in disruption of all basic services. Data center services were also not left behind. The disruption caused by Sandy has resulted in break down of all websites.

Websites such as Buzzfeed, Gawker experienced a major downfall as a lower Manhattan data center was flooded with water.

Many small to large scale businesses turn to data centers to host their services, and provide the necessary data when required. It is the most sought after service with respect to the security of the data. Clients of data centers hope that data centers can be relied upon during conditions of such outages compared to any other facilities.

When Hurricane Sandy hit the low lying areas, the generators that were supposed to cater to uninterrupted power supply were located in the flooded basements.

The question that remains unanswered is if it is logical enough to keep generators in the basements of data centers located in low lying areas.

The cellular networks like Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint have not been spared either. These companies have acknowledged outages with respect to their cellular services. The cellular networks are more likely to be affected by this deluge, as customers use telephones to call their friends and family to ensure their safety. They use the internet more often to keep themselves updated with the ongoing mishaps. USA can only hope that Sandy recedes as early as possible, so that it can get back strong on its feet.

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