Bank of Rwanda Opens New Data Center to Ease Access and Interconnectivity

Official reports from the Central Bank of Rwanda have revealed the opening of a new data center in a bid to optimize practice and management security. This state of the art data center eases access and interconnectivity. Key systems used at BNR such as the Rwanda integrated payments processing system (RIPPS), FINA-the system used to collect data from financial institutions and TeamMate, another system which enhances onsite inspection activities and the regional payments and settlement system (REPPS), Bloomberg and Reuters financial news services have all been backed on the system which has reportedly cost the Bank over Frw 300 million. “As a central bank with our known responsibilities, we need to move along with the trends in ICT to ensure secure and reliable practices the more reason for investors to trust us and come to do business in Rwanda,” noted BNR governor Claver Gatete. The new data center is going to be a key centralized information center housing all the important data of the bank. This further enables operators to foresee problems and manage them without having to halt the activities of the bank. This move is just one in the list of modernization strategies implemented by the bank which has been

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backed by the ICT infrastructure. It is also inspired by the President of the bank who said that a bank cannot be

modernized without implementing modern technology. This was agreed by the Governor of the bank as well. “A stable and modern core banking system will provide BNR with tools that are in accordance with the best and most current international practices,” said Minister Nsegimana, Youth and ICT minister lauding the bank’s leadership activities. Data Center Talk updates its resources everyday. Visit us to know of the latest technology and standards from the data center world. Please leave your views and comments on DCT Forum

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