General Motors plans to hire about 1500 staff for its computer technology data center at Detroit.

General Motors says that this move will help bring whole of information technology in house, which would inturn make GM more nimble and efficient.

This leader in car making also plans to hire 10,000 people to staff four technology data centers. This would enable the company to bring in new breakthrough ideas to its car and truck manufacturing sector.

Earlier in the year, the company had announced that it would hire 500 people for its data center in Austin, Texas. There has been no news about the other two sites.

The hiring has in a way reversed the trend of outsourcing computer jobs at the company. But spokeswoman for the company, Julie Huston Rough said that most car making firms strike a balance between operating computer jobs in the company and outsourcing.

The company has started its recruitment drives in colleges, and through IT job fairs. It is hiring candidates for areas such as software development, database management, project management, and business analysis.

The newly appointed Chief Information Officer, Randy Mott wants more people to work on development and innovation; integrating all tasks into day to day business, said Rough.

The Michigan data center is to be established on the same grounds as the GM’s technical center at Warren, north of Detroit.

The company also has plans of hiring 2000 positions, and invests $300 million in the state.

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