Apple’s plan for Reno data center gets green light

Apple‘s gotten the thumbs-up for another data center, this one in the biggest little city in the world, Reno, Nevada. Unfortunately, the deal itself doesn’t hold a lot of weight, but at least Apple‘s gotten another nod in the right direction. The Nevada Board of Economic Development put its support behind the ongoing deal, agreeing to bring in the data center, and provide Apple with up to $89 million in tax breaks.


Now, that board doesn’t actually oversee deals like that, so a lack of endorsement by this board doesn’t mean the deal would have been dead in the water. Local governments have already approved most of the tax breaks that Apple needed from Reno. But there were some concerns on this board, and there was talk of maybe trying to stop the deal somehow. So a vote to endorse the deal is just good news for Apple, and means that there won’t be any issues from higher up the chain.


Someone on the board did promise to bring the deal back up next year, but Apple’s data center is set to go live sometime in 2012, so it may be a moot point by then.

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