Canadian Telecom Company Plans Data Center in Bend

British Columbia-based telecom company Navigata is planning to open a datacenter in Bend.  The facility will host server space for small to mid-size businesses.

In its native Canada, Navigata offers businesses and local governments a host of voice, data and internet services.  In Bend, the company plans to start small, focusing on something called co-location.  That’s means it will offer critical IT functions to small business that want to outsource those tasks.

Jeffrey Mayhook is co-founder of Navigata and President of its US operations.  He says Bend  makes sense because it’s near the company’s existing network.

“We have the capability of moving the data in and out in a way that makes for a better business model,” says Mayhook.

Filings with the Oregon’s Public Utility Commission show the company may have bigger plans beyond data centers.

Last year, the commission granted Navigata what’s called “competitive local exchange carrier” status in Oregon.  That means it can now offer phone and internet service here.

Mayhook says Navigata isn’t immediately planning go down that route.  But he says those plans are likely to change as the company’s regional network evolves.

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